Albania – Macedonia – Greece

Albania On the camp site in Montenegro we took our time to warm up in the winter sun and do some repairs while having a nice breakfast. Now it was time to drive into Albania where, as we discovered, it wasn’t as easy to drive anymore. But first we went past Shkrodër, where a beautiful old castle stands that had to be checked out.   There is a whole different traffic culture and a shitload Read More →


Leaving and the first bunch of days

The Netherlands – Germany – Austria – Slovenia – Croatia – (Bosnia) – Montenegro Thursday the 16th of February it was time to leave. Jasper decided to join me and fly back from Istanbul so I didn’t have to start the journey all alone! We started in Utrecht, after a cosy evening with some friends, beer and bullshit in my empty room. At around 15:00 we drove off in the direction of The Hague to Read More →


Packing and preparing

Holy shit it’s getting close now. And there was still so much to do! Connect the new skid plates that Jeroen made for me, attach the jerrycan holder to the roof rack, extra secure the awning to the roofrack, remount the roofrack to the car, insert the new and slightly improved CarPc into the dash, pack everything in the car for the first time, get my Iran visa, get my Russia LOI and visa, ensurances, Read More →

Carnet to enter Iran

Leaving soon in February

Things are coming together and details are getting more detailed. The new date for leaving is somewhere between 10 and 15 February. documents Azerbaijan Before new year I got my first visa. It was the Azeri one, which was pretty easy to get. The people at the embassy were very nice and helpful, even when I forgot the damn note with the pickup number :P. Russia Now I’m working on the Russian LOI (Letter Of Read More →


I think I’m slowly getting there

The last months I’ve been busy working on all kinds of projects, plans and updates: Departure date changed CarPc Heater controller Heater fuel line rerouting Solar cell installation Electrical rewiring Snorkel New tires Skid plate design Oztent Jerrycan holder design New radiator and gearbox clean List of costs Departure date changed I changed the departure date. Again. The new date will be around the 15th of February. Leaving at the start of winter would give me Read More →

The final look.

Snorkel installation

Some time ago I bought a tent from a guy, and he told me that getting a snorkel installed would be a smart investment. In principle it’s an insurance against engine failure when driving into water that ends up being deeper than anticipated. The engine would breathe in water and catastrophically fail. And that would be the end of the adventure. So, I decided to take this advice to heart and bought a snorkel. Once I Read More →


Travel plan update

Due to some new findings I decided to change my travel plan. This is because apparently it’s only allowed to drive through Russia for a month. This means I will take longer in all other countries. Also I found out that it visa are only valid for up to 3 months. This means I can get the visa for Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbejian and Iran in the Netherlands. All the other visa I will need Read More →

2016-07-01 13.03.48

Wat elektronische probleempjes opgelost (in Dutch, sorry)

Na mijn duik in een meertje een aantal weken geleden (een verhaal dat ik nog moet posten), gingen er wat elektronische onderdelen raar doen. Hier beschrijf ik hoe dat weer opgelost is. Dynamo vernieuwing: Halverwege Amsterdam begonnen er allemaal lampjes te branden. Olie, batterij, t-belt en brandstoffilter. Op het grote internet kon ik vinden dat dit betekende dat mijn dynamo (of alternator) geen stroom meer gaf. Dagen eerder hoorde ik ook al vreemde geluiden uit het Read More →

The Webasto Thermo Top C installation complete and working

Equipping Brutus with a second hand Webasto Thermo Top C diesel heater

Since my last post I managed to install my secondhand Webasto Thermo Top C diesel heater in Butus’ engine compartment. Here I will shortly describe how I did that, might anyone attempt to do a similar thing. Sorry if my terminology is a bit vague but my mechanical English might be a little rusty. First I went looking for manuals, images and forums online that could help me to identify what I would need to Read More →


Terrain driving in Fürstenau

On the 13th of March I drove in the direction of Germany to meet up with some other people to do some terrein driving and testing. This was an initiative of the Dutch Land cruiser club which I subscribed for. First we met near the border of Germany for some theory about 4x4s. A lot of it I already knew, but it was a very good and complete overview of the possibilities of a car like this. Read More →

2016-03-09 22.11.56

Arrival and retrieval of new stuff

Over the last few weeks, a bunch of stuff I ordered has arrived! Also I went shopping for some more stuff. Stuff stuff stuff! This stuff includes: My Chinese made roof rack Shovel Awning Webasto diesel heater A top mattress and mattress cover                       This little Webasto heater will be an interesting project to install. The previous owner says it’s from an old camper van, Read More →


A nostalgic roadtrip to Sweden and Norway

On the 17th of february my brother JR, Dieuwertje, and I embarked on a 4500 km trip to Trondheim and back. We and Brutus started driving in the morning at around 9:00, after some shopping and filling up on diesel. First, we would pick up JR in Zwolle. He left Terschelling very early to be able to meet up in Zwolle at around 10:00. This worked out perfectly according to plan, so at 11:30 we Read More →


Some off road test driving fun!

Some friends came over to drive around a little. My “backyard” is an ex parking lot / demolition site with mud, stones and water. A nice place to give Brutus a little off road testing. This might look a little uneventful, but having never done this, it felt totally awesome!

2016-01-31 22.27.43

I’m an idiot!

Yes, I’m an idiot. First, even though I know that I would be leaving in the beginning of summer, that I would drive through Iran in mid-summer (+50˚C) and would end up in Russia in mid-winter (-50˚C), my mind was still made up to do it this way. Thinking more deeply about this, I figured that a lot more preparations and modifications are necessary to the car, to be able to actually survive the trip. Read More →


More additions to Brutus

Yesterday I ordered a roofrack, awning and a shovel from a Swiss site. Normally a roofrack of a decent brand would cost up to €1300. This site sells a full roof covering rack for €399. It’s made in China, but apparently very sturdy and heavy duty (and also heavy weight, about 50kg). I stumbled upon a blog post on www.landcruiserclub.net where people were discussing this rack. I decided to take the gamble.  This site also Read More →


An attempt to detailed planning

For everyone interested to tag along on the trip, here is an attempt to a detailed planning. The planning has been made up per country. It’s just a preliminary planning that might be stretched or shortened as the trip goes. Interested people are: Bas, Rudy, Alinde, Vincent, Wouter, Rianne, Hidde, Hans, Jasper, Piet. As to where and when is still unknown for most. Sorry if I forgot anyone. Fill in your name below, or let Read More →


A small trip to Trondheim and back

My brother JR, colleague Dieuwertje and I decided to do a winter drive to Trondheim. There still is a seat left for anyone interested to spend a week there. For four years I’ve lived in Trondheim to study and work. I want to visit some friends that still live there, and do some snowboarding and hiking. We will leave on the 17th of February and come back on the 26th. By doing this, I want Read More →

Me and Brutus, just after picking it up

My first blog post

This first post is basically a big collection of everything that has already happened and realized until now. I’ve been planning this trip for quite a while, and the shape of it went through quite a lot of changes. First it was an overland trip to South Africa, then a sailing trip around the Atlantic ocean, and finally it became Mongolia through Iran and the -stan countries. Not soon after the first thoughts of actually Read More →