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This first post is basically a big collection of everything that has already happened and realized until now. I’ve been planning this trip for quite a while, and the shape of it went through quite a lot of changes. First it was an overland trip to South Africa, then a sailing trip around the Atlantic ocean, and finally it became Mongolia through Iran and the -stan countries.

Not soon after the first thoughts of actually buying a car, I actually bought one! Wow, quite a step forward. But now what? Modifications, additions, travel plans, schedules, visa, travel companions, gear, clothes, material! So much to think about. I guess the best ting to do is to start making lists. A lot of lists, for most of the before mentioned categories.

Me and Brutus, just after picking it up

A picture of Brutus and me, just after picking it up (with a glowey happiness filter!)

The first thing I noticed about the car was that the left rear tire was leaking, so I went to get this fixed at a Toyota garage near Utrecht. They told me that the tire was expired, so I decided to just buy 4 new, all-season tires, that could potentially get me trough all terrains and weather types of my trip. The choice fell on Pirelli Scorpion ATR tires. Not only pretty great in all conditions, but also offered online for €122 per tire in stead of the usual €250. In combination with the break disks they will be installed and balanced on February 4th.


I now own SO much rubber. (10 tires to be precise!)

I now own SO much rubber. (10 tires to be precise!)

I also started building a drawer system and sleeping platform for in the back of Brutus. The platform is nearly finished and I will start building a drawer of two very soon.

Plateau finished. Now only the drawer(s) left to make.

Plateau finished. Now only the drawer(s) left to make.

In the meantime my brother, a colleague and I decided to drive to Trondheim, where I used to live for four years, to meet up with some old friends and colleagues. And to do some snowboarding or cross country skiing. Also it’s a great opportunity to test and experience this car, and to see how the tires will behave in winter conditions.


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