Arrival and retrieval of new stuff

Over the last few weeks, a bunch of stuff I ordered has arrived! Also I went shopping for some more stuff. Stuff stuff stuff! This stuff includes:

  • My Chinese made roof rack
  • Shovel
  • Awning
  • Webasto diesel heater
  • A top mattress and mattress cover
2016-03-02 09.28.28

Roofrack arrived!

2016-03-09 22.11.56

Roofrack unboxing







2016-03-09 22.14.05

Roofrack partially unboxed

2016-03-09 22.19.54

My little foldable shovel






This little Webasto heater will be an interesting project to install. The previous owner says it’s from an old camper van, and it still has a bunch of camper material attached to it. After quite some searching I found a user manual and an installation guide for exactly this heater for exactly my car. Now I just have to find some more hoses and electrical parts, and the installation can begin!

2016-03-04 16.42.25

Webasto diesel heater

I went to a bed store to browser around for sleeping solutions. The space I have for sleeping will be approximately 1.85m x 0.85m. I found a top mattress that is 2.00 x 0.90. I’m sure I can make that work.

(The picture below is a temporary solution with the passenger couch folded up. I probably have about 1.50 to sleep on, so I’ll be tight )

2016-03-12 17.59.04

My new overland mattress in the back of the car for testing in Fürstenau


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